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Full Free Watch Southland Tales (2006) : Movie Set in the futuristic landscape of Los Angeles on July 4, 2008, as it stands on the brink of social, economic and environmental disaster. Boxer Santaros is an action star who's stricken with amnesia. His life intertwines with Krysta Now, an adult film star developing her own reality television project, and Ronald Taverner, a Hermosa Beach police officer who holds the key to a vast conspiracy.

Release Date:May 15, 2006
Genres:, ,
Production Company:Universal Pictures, Destination Films, Persistent Entertainment, Wild Bunch, MHF Zweite Academy Film, Inferno Distribution, Darko Entertainment, Eden Roc Productions, Cherry Road Films, Academy Film
Production Countries:France, Germany, United States of America
Casts:Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mandy Moore, Will Sasso, Jon Lovitz, Beth Grant, Jill Ritchie, Justin Timberlake, Bai Ling, Lisa K. Wyatt
Plot Keywords:suicide, sibling relationship, spy, prophecy, middle east, screenwriter, terrorist, parent child relationship, wife husband relationship, nevada, amnesia, allegory, mass murder, kidnapping, blackmail, riot, evacuation, afghanistan, time travel, undercover agent, marxism, politics, politician, smuggling, twin brother, film in film, murder, surrealism, balloon, interracial relationship, anti conformity, end of the world, conspiracy, metaphysics, memory, search, dirty cop, apocalypse, los angeles, terrorism, paradox, cult film, doomsday, near future, alternate reality, split personality, big corporation, no opening credits, north korea, doppelganger, government corruption, southern california, alternate timeline, karma, environmental issue, world war iii, mysterious past, absurdism, fourth dimension, santa monica california

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